Therapies R Us

Therapies R Us

A multi-modality organisation adopting a holistic approach for health, wellness, and special needs.

Our Focus

We are passionate in helping people facing challenges in their general health and wellness, and we strive to make beneficial differences in their daily lives, regardless of age or unique health needs.

Health & Wellness

We specialise in the Holistic Approach to address cognitive, psychosocial, and sensorimotor issues using a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the rehabilitation process, and empowering families to be equipped with independent strategies.

Complementary Therapy

Our complementary therapies evaluate your body as working as one big system unit. Encapsulating everything you do – from your diet to your breathing and even your emotions your health is looked at from a holistic standpoint and our therapies aim to positively nudge your overall health and well-being.

Children with Challenges

Every child faces their own unique challenges. With the number of experiences with early intervention and support through our methods, significant improvements have been achieved – not only for the child, but for the whole family as well. Through empowering, parents are equipped with the tools to take charge overcoming the child's challenges.

Our Story

With over 17 years of experience and training, Ms Yonie Bonawi founded Therapies R Us in 2011 with the ultimate yet simple goal of making a tangible difference in the lives of people facing challenges in their health. 

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Our Philosophy

Every individual is unique and differentlike the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle — and should be treated as such using a holistic approach.

With our vast array of knowledge, skills, and expertise in our synergised toolkit, our professional team of certified bodywork and healthcare professionals adopts a holistic and non-invasive approach to all our healthcare solutions.



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Therapies R Us

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