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KC Soo Updated

KC Soo


KC Soo specialises in enhancing the learning potential of children by using the Meditated Learning Experience (MLE) methodology to identify, repair and draw out their cognitive abilities and challenges.


KC Soo found his true calling 15 years ago when he started his practice of teaching special needs children. He specialises in enhancing the learning potential of these children by using the Meditated Learning Experience (MLE) methodology. Currently, he attends to children in Petaling Jaya, Singapore, Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya.

The MLE methodology was founded by Professor Reuvan Feuertstein. It is an optimistic therapy based on the fact that a child’s or an adult’s brain can change regardless of age or condition. It was first used to treat children traumatised by the Holocaust after World War II. It is one of the earliest learning methodologies for children and the most well-researched, with hundreds of research papers on it.

KC works with children of various ages and conditions. He has worked with babies, young children and teenagers as well as adults.  They are diagnosed with conditions such as autism, ADD, ADHD, GDD, PDD-NOS, Down syndrome and dyslexia. KC is one of the few therapists in Malaysia who treats children and teenagers with Asperger syndrome.

KC goes by the methodology motto, “You love me, don’t accept me as I am.” He wants to push his students to be better selves. He guides them to learn independently, to explore more of their senses as they learn, and to discover their own creations. He usually works with them on a one-on-one basis. A combination of pens and papers, exercises, dialogues, board games, IQ puzzles and iPad games are used in his sessions. Specifically, KC teaches them to pay attention to their actions, to learn how to gather data systematically, to improve on their eye focus, to improve their working and auditory memories, to control their impulsivity, and to learn directly from their own experiences.

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